Ian Salazar is a Grammy Award Show Viewing Producer, Engineer, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Songwriter, currently based out of Austin, TX. Ian grew up playing the guitar and drums, and started writing music and recording in his bedroom at age 15. Since then, he has worked as an engineer at Redwood Studios, aside McKenzie Smith and Joey McClellan of Midlake, and at Radio Milk Recording Co., aside White Denim. Ian continues to hone his craft; finding the sweet spot between vintage and modern, lofi and hifi. A fond user of Brian Eno’s oblique strategies, Ian loves to find new and exciting ways to create sounds and textures. Ian has worked with many notable names such as White Denim, Mamalarky, Joy Again, BNQT, and many others.

Austin, Tx
Email: iansalazar6@gmail.com
Follow: @chezskinnyfanpage @skinnypicss

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